XMR to Relay. Get quality content.

Avoid spam and get quality content from paid relays. Free to pull. One-time payment to post.

What is nostr?

It is a lightweight, simple yet extensible open protocol that allows building truly censorship resistant and decentralized social media platforms. Learn more here.

Why pay to relay?

The obvious benefit of paid relays is avoiding spam. Since there is a cost involved in broadcasting to these relays, you won’t be subject to spammers and bots that tend to bombard any social media network, thus getting much better global feeds.

Who made this?

Made by Pluja, maintainer of other privacy projects such as kycnot.me, awesome-privacy, web-whisper, and many more.

Find the source code and self-hosting guides for this project here.

If you want to contribute with a donation, just open a new pay-to-relay invoice and send more than what is requested!

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